Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What songs do you perform in your show?
The greatest soul related songs of the last century
from the roots through classic 60’s soul & Motown
on to the Disco era of the 70s & a few 80s & more.

Q2 How many lead singers are there in the show?
Usually 5 or 6 but may vary occasionally.

Q3 Is the show visual?
Absolutely - all shows are a real hyperactive bundle of fun!

Q4 Can people dance at the show?
Our show is well suited with mainly up-tempo classics - Yes.
However, we must respect theatre etiquette at all times
and ask not to block the view of those seated behind you.

Q5 Is there any bad language?
Certainly not - class acts do not have to lower themselves
in order to gain audience approval. The only F word is FUN.

Q6 Do you perform at private events?

Q7 Where are you based?
In the centre of England - postcode DE7

Q8 How far do you travel to put on shows?

Q9 Do you perform with a live orchestra?
Most shows are on playback due to the huge variation
of instrumentation required in order to sound great.
However if the venue is willing to fund – certainly.

Q10 What is the length of your performance?
Theatre concerts with live orchestra are 2 x 50 minutes.
Private shows playing time 1 x 20-60 minutes depending
on the event and what is most suitable for the occasion.

Q11 Can I have my photo taken with the cast members?
Yes no charge at the meet and greet after the show.